Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Let's Build: How Low Can You Go?

This isn't going to be a full "Let's Build" instead, I want to talk through an idea that's been bugging me for weeks now.

When building a Shadowrun 5th Edition character you're given the option for "Alternate Gameplay" these modes, either high-power or street-level change the starting funds, and other limits for your character.

However, I was curious. If I really wanted a player to start at the bottom, and work up, what's the most restrictive set of limits I could place on a character and still have the game playable?

Why would a GM do this? Well, I wouldn't, usually. But, if I was running a group that really wanted a challenge, or I wanted to focus on a group building up their assets as a unit, and not as a group of individuals then imposing harsh starting conditions has some merit.

I've not gotten through the idea yet but I wanted to leave this here, both as a tease for my readers, and as incentive for me to chase this idea down and see where it leads!

Off Topic: Shadowrun Returns

I wanted to pop in to say that no, I've not fallen back off the face of the earth. Instead I've been stuck in that enviable, in tiring, position of having too much to do, and too little time in which to do it.

However! I have gotten a chance to buy, and play through the start of Shadowrun Returns.

While it's no replacement for a good group and a handful of dice the game nails the "feel" of Shadowrun. From the Barrens, to Pike Market, Shadowrun Returns feels like a Shadowrun game.

I'm not saying you should run out and buy a copy, but if you did, I would be surprised if you didn't feel it worth the price.